Our girls continue their season with some big team and individual all-around titles! We did not have as many people attend this meet, but that did not stop us from taking home 2 first place team trophies. We were proud of the girls’ determination. They definitely had to make every routine count at this meet.

Bronze Level Team 

The Bronze Team only had 3 athletes attend the Emerald Classic, which meant that EVERY score counted. One fall would have made the difference. The Bronze Level Team kept their unbeaten streak alive. They won 1st place team AGAIN, which is truly amazing with only 3 athletes. They scored a 108.95.


They were led by Camryn Poole’s amazing 37.8 performance. Camryn not only had the highest all-around score of her session; she also had the highest all-around score of the entire MEET. She was #1 out of 627 athletes.


Silver Level Team

The Silver team only had two people competing, BUT that did not slow them down. If there was a team award for the most fun had at a meet, it would have gone to our Silver team. They had one of the best meets they had all year. We are so proud of Catherine and Haley. They are so much fun to go to a meet with. BOTH girls won All-Around in their age group, Haley 35.950 and Catherine 36.925.

Catherine had a outstanding performance and not only won the all-around, but had the highest score for her session.

Gold Level Team

The Gold team started off a little rocky on beam, but they finished the meet with poise and determination. They undoubtedly needed it with this competition. There were more teams competing in this competition then in any other all year. They came out on top with a 108.75.

The Gold team was led by Evy Nguyen and Ryleigh McCoy with an all-around score of 36.27and 36.00They were #1 and #2 out of all the Gold level Gymnastics (24)!






Platinum Level Team

The Platinum got the opportunity to see some stunning gymnastics on Saturday night. They were competing with the Level 8-10 gymnasts. We were so proud of the work they did at the meet. We improved on most of the events throughout the night. They did not take home a team trophy, but they put forth wonderful effort. We are proud of our Platinum Team.

The Platinum Team was led by Paige Hart with an all-around score of 35.70 ,which was 3rd out of 14 athletes.


 Level 6 Team

The Level 6 team had two girls competing. They both had good meets and had fun. They did not have an opportunity to compete for the team title, but if they did they would have been in the thick of it. Katie was battling being sick, however was still about to win 1st on bars and beam. She was also placed 2nd in the all-around with a 35.55. Cheyenne also had a strong performance with 3rd place finished on vault and bars.