There is only one word to describe this weekend- AMAZING! Our girls did awesome at not only winning almost everything they could win, but more importantly, they were great competitors and teammates. They had amazing attitudes, cheered for their teammates, encouraged athletes that struggled, and just had a whole lot of fun! We are so proud of everything they accomplished. We wanted to highlight some of the accomplishments of the weekend.

Bronze Level Team 

This was the Bronze Team’s First meet, but no one could tell. They definitely competed with the poise and determination of seasoned gymnasts. We had 13 1st place finishes. They also won 1st Place Team. Winning the team title is really unheard of from athletes at their first meet ever.






We would like to recognize one gymnast that had the best first meet of any gymnast that we have ever coached. Camryn Poole had the highest score of not only her session, but the entire meet. Her all around score was the best of over 550 gymnasts. It was truly an amazing performance.

Silver & Gold Level Team

The Silver and Gold level gymnasts both competed together, which made for a large group and even more fun. We really enjoyed their attitudes and enthusiasm during this session of the meet. They also had an amazing meet. They won every single all around title in every age group that we had an athlete compete in. NO ONE beat us in the all around. Silver level took home first place team and Gold took home second place team.



Platinum & Level 6

These girls had the most competition this weekend. There were more level 6 gymnast competing this weekend than any other level we had compete. The Platinum level gymnasts had hard competition and this was their first meet competing Platinum.  Even with tough sessions, the girls did a great job. We had one all around champion and the 3 highest scores of the two sessions. No one had a fall. We are very proud of everyone!


We could not be more proud of the performances this weekend. We cannot wait for our next competition!!!